Essential DIY tools you might need as a homeowner

Screwdriver sets


 You’ll use this for almost everything, so look for a set that includes three or four sizes of Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers (or one high-quality screwdriver with interchangeable tips).



Look for a hammer that feels balanced and comfortable in your hand. Avoid heavier framing hammers and instead choose a claw hammer.

Measuring tape.


 A basic locking 25-foot tape measure should be all you need for a variety of home improvement projects, from hanging shelves to measuring rooms for painting or purchasing appliances.

A pair of locking pliers should accomplish most simple DIY tasks, but if you have a plumbing job to tackle, consider a pair of groove-joint pliers or needle-nose pliers for cutting wire.

Gloves will protect your hands from injury while also offering you a firm grip


 toolbox to hold it all

 A simple wooden or metal box with a handle will work well, but if you build your DIY skills quickly, you may eventually need something bigger.