When painting your home, you are allowed to go all out with colours and experiment and even use your favourite colours. However, when it comes to a formal place such as your office, you need to be careful about the colours you choose to paint your office in. Not all your clients will appreciate a bright canary yellow room. The kind of colour scheme you choose for your office has a big effect on the psychological state of your client. Thus said, there are 6 colours to avoid when painting your office. 



In as much as yellow does inspire feelings of emotional strength and friendliness; it can also generate feelings of anxiety and even depression. Additionally, it is also known to stimulate hunger as well as induce fear. Yellow is not an ideal colour to use on your office walls because it can make it hard to concentrate because of the energy-inducing vibe it gives off.


This is a vibrant and bold colour that would be suitable in homes and not in the office. This is because it is associated with different emotions such as anger, love and aggression. It can be too irritating to spend time in a room that is painted in red because after a short while you will begin to feel antsy and restless. Such a colour should be avoided if you want to invoke feelings of calmness in your clients. 

Bright pink

It may be your favourite colour, or not, but it is definitely a colour that you should avoid when painting your office. This colour tends to be too distracting, making it hard for you, your colleagues and your clients to concentrate. It is also ultra-feminine and most male clients may find it less appealing, thus dampening their mood. 


 This is a vibrant and cheerful colour but should be avoided in your working area. This is because the colour becomes too intense and can prove to be a distraction, leaving you and possibly your clients feeling too overwhelmed.


This bright green colour is ideal for working in a creative environment because of its ability to induce creativity and energy. However, most people find it hard to concentrate in a room that is painted in this colour because of its distracting ability. If you value productivity in your workplace, this is one other colour you need to avoid. 


This is a controversial colour as most people are reported as feeling calm whenever they’re in a room painted in purple. However, purple is also a colour that is associated with love and romantic feelings. Romance at the workplace is not only unprofessional, but it will kill your productivity because of your failure to focus on work. 

So, what do you do if you find that your office has been painted in any of the above-mentioned colours? There are other colour options for you to choose from that will help you keep calm, promote ease and increase productivity. Pale blue is a good choice as compared to bold shades of blue. Blue does promote energy but in a subtle way.

 It also boosts creativity and encourages a calm attitude. This is the best colour to use in your office. Secondly, brown is another often overlooked colour that is best suited for the office. It does not evoke feelings of creativity and calmness like other colours; however, it does promote security and assurance. It also helps make one feel comfortable and soothed.

 Peach is another colour included on the best colours for office paint. It is a warm subtle colour that instantly makes you feel at ease. It gives the appearance of an airy room and helps promote peace. Burgundy is another strong colour that is ideal for the office. This is because it is masculine and creates an aura of authority.

It is ideal if you are dealing with clients who appreciate someone who is in control. Cream and beige are the colours that most offices are painted it. They are simple and warm colours that are not too distracting but remain aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

When choosing the right colour to paint your office walls in, always have in mind the amount of space you have in your office, as well as your office furniture. Putting all this together will help create harmony in your workplace.