Electrical engineers are an intricate part of the all-round development of systems globally. As Real Estate Developers, Saif Properties aren’t blind to the key role they play in the day-to-day unhindered growth and eventual success of our projects. Electrical engineers design, develop and test electrical equipment, all activities designed to ensure the smooth running of all systems.

In real estate, we involve electric engineers from the conceptualization stage of all our project ideas. Here they design, test, install and maintain all the electrical systems’ pathways to ensure that they transmit power efficiently and effectively.

Real estate property developers may decide to have in-house or remote/consulting electrical engineers. Depending on the scale of operations in the organization it is recommended that the larger the number of developments the more the need to acquire in-house engineers.

The electrical engineers will be available, on-the-go, for consulting on issues arising during construction and prevent an occurrence of electrical faults during and after the construction. They are also involved in the periodic maintenance of all electrical equipment, components, and installations such as the electrical lifts; Recommend replacement for old or faulty electrical components or fittings to the management; Assist in forecasting requirements, creating a budget and scheduling expenses for the electrical equipment among other major roles.

Saif Properties recognizes the importance of all these roles and most importantly the impact the Electrical Engineers can play in energy cost reduction innovations. As a Housing Solution, we seek to provide a cost-beneficial housing plan that redefines home purchase systems here in Kenya and moreover ensure the overall liveability and maintenance of each and every house we build and sell to our clients.