Off plan property is a property before a structure has been constructed onto it.

Off plan investment is the process where an investor purchases a property way before construction begins or during the construction period.  This may seem as a risky business to invest in, but it’s slowly gaining momentum as the prices are much lower and can be up to 50% less than the price of a completed house and property investors hope to make substantial capital gains from it. This is a trend that has seen many aspiring homeowners acquire their dream homes.

The payments are flexible and can be made as construction goes on. A buyer can pay an initial deposit of 10 percent or more according to the terms of payment to secure the property. He/she then agree with the seller on how to settle the balance which is mostly done in monthly installments.


  1. You get to choose the best location for your house and what you want improved to meet your preference.
  2. Enables the buyer to make a good equity growth since the value of off plan property increases with time.
  3. Flexibility in the mode of payments enables individuals without the financial ability to acquire homes they would otherwise not afford.
  4. Your property is new and you will be the first owner and we all like new things.

Risks involved

  1. There is no guarantee that the prices will go high. The prices may fall and you may end up paying more if the market falls during construction.

Steps to follow when buying an off plan property

  1. Location matters. Find the right property on the right location. A site near appealing amenities is promising.
  2. Research on the parties involved and similar neighborhood properties.
  3. Know your financial position, your borrowing capacity and the lending policies of the bank or your financial provider.
  4. Get the payment plan and reserve your property.