The value of property in Kenya has been rising continuously as the years go by. For instance between the year 2000 and 2016, the prices have gone up by up to 5 times the initial value. The continuous increase is due to the demand for decent housing by the growing population.

However, the high cost has locked out many of the potential investors who do not have the millions to invest. As Saif Real Estate, we have identified this challenge and strive to eliminate it. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in the real estate through us.

Values addition after investment

Buying property off plan guarantees an increase in value after the completion of construction. Moreover, the payment plan is flexible as much as it occurs within the construction period. What’s more, the value addition rate is speedy since the construction takes between 18 to 30 months depending on the project.

Another reason why the property developed greatly increases in value is that they are located in strategic areas. They are located near infrastructure such as major roads, schools, markets, hospitals and towns.

Low and affordable prices

All the projects developed by Saif Real Estate are affordable when compared to other similar property in the market. We use a concept that ensures this. The concept involves a flexible payment plan with 0% interest rate.

High return on investment

Over the years, groups and individuals who have invested with us have gained a high return on investment. It ranges between 7 to 14% compared to other investments that give an ROI of 4 to 5%.

Opportunity to resell

Since the cost of purchasing our houses is affordable, you are able to buy and resell to interested buyers and get a profit. This is not always the case in many of the property in the market in which the prices become too high to allow reselling.


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