In this holiday season, festivities are the front and center of everything that we do. This comes with a lot of cooking and the kitchen becomes the theatre where all the actions happen. The aftermath of this is bad odour and smells that linger

around. Today we will give you a guide of how to get rid of this bad smell and so that you can get to enjoy your holiday odour free.


The fridge is a usual culprit when it comes to odour. Quickly sniff out the malodorous culprit lurking in your fridge and get rid of it. To absorb lingering odours, baking soda really works. You may already keep an open box in your refrigerator to prevent bad smells. But to get rid of a smell that’s already there, pour a cup of fresh baking soda onto a plate and leave it inside the fridge for a day. For stronger odours, fill a plate with dry unused coffee grounds and leave it in the fridge for several days. Freshly ground coffee beans work best. For sour odours, charcoal often works amazingly well. Just put several briquettes on a dish and let them soak up the odour for a few days.


The sink is an integral part in the kitchen with everything getting dirty and washed. However the sink can be a source of bad odor in the kitchen with inevitable food particles, grease, and other unlovely things make their way into the drain. To get lead of this smell pour a cup of baking soda on the sink then pour vinegar on top, let it seat for a while then pour hot water. If you want good smell you can pour some few drops of essential oils — eucalyptus, tea tree, and mint after the baking soda let it seat for a while, an hour or so, and pour hot water.


With all the cooking, smoke is inevitable and there’s an easy solution to get rid of that odor. Just use vinegar! You can either soak a rag in vinegar or swing it around the room, which deodorizes rather quickly, or you can put vinegar in a bowl and leave it overnight. The latter usually does the trick better and then you can just toss the vinegar! There is also an easy way of putting a fan in the room and opening the doors and windows to get rid of the smoke.


While fish can be tasty, it’s never a fun odor to have lingering in your kitchen and house. Mix baking soda and water together and then put slices of lemon in it. Leave the mixture in the kitchen overnight and, the next day, your home should be fish free and have a clean lemony after scent! You can also wash you’re your hands with lemon after handling fish to get rid of the smell.