Real estate is undeniably a booming investment sector in Kenya. Majorly, because it empowers individuals to acquire steadily appreciating property assets. Though having this much interest in it, real estate tends to be a difficult and unstable

investment venture. With the huge amounts of capital requires and the cons purporting as land sellers or buyers one has to be on their toes. Buying of land and construction of residential homes or rental property is neither easy nor straightforward.

Alternatives for purchase on property include taking up loans and mortgages. These come with lump sum of accompanying interest that burdens the buyer/investor more, moreover the situation is escalated when the investment takes time to realize a profit that benefits the investor.

We as Saif Properties, a fast-growing real estate company, have come up with solutions to this problem. Backed by an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the property market in Kenya we have developed a state of the art development project, the Woodvilleand Roseville Apartments. The apartments are built to suite modern living, entailed with modern facilities and amenities offering an amiable ambience alongside a good investment opportunity.

Our projects offer an opportunity to venture into real estate with a long-term payment plan at an unbelievable 0% interest. Each unit of the Woodville and Roseville apartments is valued at 12 million and 16 million Kenyan Shillings respectively. We agree that for most individuals this is a large figure expected to be paid at once and that’s where we come into play with our one of a kind 12-year payment plan. The payment plan is elaborate and customized to suit the investorbuyer.

Saif properties has made it possible for an investor to possess a full proof plan to invest in real estate.

We believe that our projects are a great opportunity that every investor should venture into. Fore more information call us on: +254 (0) 728 000 002 | +254 (0) 732 000 100