Is my property secured?


How you ask?! EASY! As our most exclusive client, YOU become our first priority. Matters to do with security can become a challenge

if you are not guaranteed in the utmost level. To burst that bubble, that is not the case with CICADA Apartments. To give you the best, CICADA has ensured in working close enough with top security firms whose relations stretch out partnering with firms that are well known nationally. we are talking top notch security systems in the market today, security is our first priority, your safety comes first thus, we’ve installed;

1. Wireless surveillance camera systems.

2. Infrared wireless camera security Systems.

3. Smart car parking system.

Probably wondering, what an Infrared surveillance camera, wireless surveillance camera systems and Smart car parking system is all about? Don’t you worry, we got you covered! Infrared Surveillance Camera, these are different from normal wireless home security systems in that normal cameras can't see very good in the dark. That is why you need infrared wireless cameras to secure fully during the nights.

wireless surveillance camera systems, these cameras are battery-powered and only start recording when they detect motion. Both types of systems offer the same standard features as a wired system, including HD quality recording.

Smart car parking system

Now this! This is a grand piece of art work, you don’t have to deal with cueing to slide your coins for a car park, how tiring is that right?! And cards!? Who needs those in the 21st Century!? We know you don’t! absolutely not! that’s why as our premium Client we’ve had you figured out, how about the super grand way of driving into your classy home via smart way, wow! How unique is that! Probably you are wondering what this Smart car security parking system is all about, come with me, let me break it down for you, here we go!

1. Smart Car Parking System is a system that helps drivers to find a vacant spot using sensors in each parking space by detecting the presence or absence of a vehicle.

2. This system, only allows authorized cars into the premises.

3. The smart car parking system based on wireless sensor network technology using CCTV’s which will be used as a sensing node to identify vacant parking space.

4. Finally, the captured image will be processed through the AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) microcontroller and the processed data will be transmitted to a central computer to store and update the occupancy status of available parking space vacancies in the data base.

To seal the deal in security with CICADA! You can have security control as well, how awesome is that, right?! by simply opting to protect your apartment with security deposits if need be, you can take charge as well. This will ensure that your involvement with the CICADA team is well opted all the time.