Gym Throne

Now this space right here, is all you need! Huge as it comes it gives all attention with no taking sides. Women, Men, teenagers, Kids,

they are all catered for when it comes to working out in the Gym Throne and guaranteed maximum fun as they work out.

The serene inside your gym throne will be nothing but full of sensational experience as you would want it to be. Why you might think? Simple, the speed Wi-Fi will keep you engaged in your normal life routine, this will be phenomenal! and that’s not all, your kids will have fun while learning about their small muscles that are growing.

The gym Thriller in your luxury GYM THRONE will have top notch equipment’s that will blow your mind away. Knowing fully well that, different people have different preferences when it comes to work out. GYM THRONE will ensure that you as our top-notch client gets what you want. Let’s cut it to the chase and see what GYM THRONE has instore for you!


Ladies, it can be really overwhelming working out in a room full of different people who have different body targets to get to. GT, knows how that can be when you’re not really in the zone to compete, also GT recognizes that ladies, you need your space! Right? Of course, right! with that concern, there will be more emphasis on a female trainer as well, how cool is that! This will ensure that women have full support and also privacy in a way you can interact with CICADA’s female trainers in maximum levels. Having this spacious room all for yourself will be a game changer for you. This will be a new experience because, it’s not that rampant in the country. Most gyms in the country don’t really recognize full amount of privacy and more emphasis on more women instructors. GYM THRONE realizes that having male and female trainer. is a very convenient way for you thus respecting one’s privacy and also more interaction with your trainer. Your satisfaction is CICADA’s number one goal, and you got it!


WI-FI, this is the one tool that will break the monotony of the GYM THRONE. Health hazards has always been a top issue in all the sectors around. It is one of the most preferable way to go, checking your blood pressure, ensuring that you eat right, what is the most preferred workout for a specific area of your body. Your heart beat should also be checked constantly, thus a reminder for working out need be.

GYM THRONE will ensure to have an app that will constantly remind you when to hit the gym, plus the app will be your close ally. It is our concern with you that we fully understand how lifestyle has changed in a drastic way, and this could be your concern. Not to worry, GYM THRONE APP will fully cater for all your health concern and how well to keep your healthy lifestyle going on.

Just to emphasis on the privacy, you’ll be handed over on a silver platter. This space will make you feel more secure with whatever you’ll be doing and a recreational space just for you. In most Gyms, a lot goes on which does not really considers your emotions and what you really want, that is why GYM THRONE has your back always. Gym Throne knows fully well that a Gym instructor won’t fully be there when your all by yourself trying to keep it fit and healthy, that is why different health apps have been suggested for you which will help you keep tabs in every detail you want to work on. For the android Users, CICADA’s GYM THRONE has compiled the best health apps in 2019, updated and well-reviewed. Ladies, how easy is that in your comfort zone you still get to be in the fill of what health world has instore for you;

For Android Users: (best health apps)

Head space- when you want to meditate.

My fitness pal- this app helps in setting weight loss guide by following up on calories consuming.

JEFIT- this app has 1,300 exercises along with demos.

Home work out- this app has animations of simple workouts and also helps you to interact with people with the same agenda.

Endomondo- this app is free and helps analyze your heart rate.

Google fit- This app helps in integrating with any android wear.

Yoga Daily Fitness- This app has instructions for doing yoga exercises like poses, yoga music and the like.

For IOS (iPhone Operating System) Users (best health apps)

Calorie counter and diet tracker by my fitness pal- you can simply keep track on your diet plus, it helps you track your nutrients like, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol etc. Loose it- this apps gives you ways of losing weight fast.

Instant heart rate – with this app, it keeps track on your heart beat and gives you an alert if something is wrong.

Web MD- This app is a medication reminder that allows you to view daily meds instructions. Cardio – Cardio works smartly in letting you monitor your heart rate

Health tips – over 500 tips are all inclusive in this app as well as advice on how to keep fit. (The best apple watch fitness and workout apps to get you healthy)- work outs, strava, Run keeper, streak workouts, Gymaholic, pedometer, my fitness pal.


Smart equipment’s all over the interior how cool is that! With the trendy equipment’s that keep changing in the markets, GYM THRONE has realized how important it is to keep up with the latest gym equipment’s in the markets today.

Following are the smart gym equipment’s suggested for the GYM THRONE

  • Squat rack.
  • Barbells.
  • Bench press.
  • Incline bench press.
  • Hammer strength machine.
  • Cables and pulleys.
  • Dumbbells.
  • Pullup bar.

Exercise machine for loosing belly fat

  • Elliptical Trainer.
  • Rowing Machine.
  • Stairclimber.
  • Stationary Bike.
  • Treadmill.

With the above-mentioned gym equipment’s, GYM THRONE guarantees you the only best in the market and CICADA as a whole will take you through this journey that will help you feel at home and more relaxed as well. Your interest is our first priority, always! that is a promise that GYM THRONE has to keep. To cut long story short, GYM THRONE will be your health addict-based home, get ready for that!

Gym Throne Tips on Having the Best Gym Experience Ever!

1. Ensure the gym location is convenient to your home as possible.

2. Clean breeze should be the top thriller in your gym, thus the space for your work out should be on higher levels at all given time.

3. Make sure you get a great workout, burn tons of calories and have a great time doing it.