Suburb Inside Your Home!

Open space! Natural light! This part right here is what keeps CICADA apartment posh and unique at the same time. Being modern is part of

our culture but, we ensure that we try to in cooperate some natural effect to it, making CICADA maintain its lavish effect at the same time. Many homes in Kenya, have not fully taken control of house space like it should. In CICADA, this will change! First and foremost, the CICADA has realized a niche on its own and it’s our secret recipe to make you adequate enough. That brings me to the next question, who said the secret shouldn’t be shared?! As out distinguished client at CICADA, we can break that code and let you in to that recipe, viola! Here we go, ready?! Bigger rooms for you!

How cool is that, bigger and better just exclusive for our premium Client. CICADA realized that for you to feel homelier in your deluxe apartment, space was one of the many factors that was put into consideration. Space defines the odd always, it is extremely thoughtful of CICADA to actually have options from clients who felt the need to come forward and try to bring in changes of their own space when it was off plan, you can’t get that anywhere else but at CICADA! We keep our options open because this right here is your home. Inside CICADA, your welcomed by three spacious bedrooms that define nothing less but elegance to its highest point, putting in mind that it’s all en-suite that covers 190sqm for each unit inclusive.

Expansive views from every space in each room? mind blowing! Absolutely fantastic, CICADA has nothing less to offer, how about thinking outside the box and giving you what you want, the space you ask, and the space you shall receive straight away!

The feeling of relaxation is what CICADA is all about, the bedrooms will be comfier, bedrooms are known to be powerful because, they emphasis the need to feel homelier. For you, we know how space is important plus a dull space is not your cup of tea right? To define your cup of tea, CICADA has a way with designs that will make you have a remarkable experience. The rooms with their masculinity spacious area, will be incorporated with decor, simply put, the rooms will be luxurious, elegant and cozy bedrooms designed in contemporary style. we know that this will easily absorb bigger pieces of any kind.

Tips for decorating big rooms by CICADA

1. Ensure elegance should be in the back of your mind while putting art pieces together.

2. Always realize that your niche prospects are always right, so follow up with their ideas as well.

3. Opulence should always define a spacious room.


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