We are a fast -growing company in the real esate development sector in kenya.We pride ourselves as an affordable housing solution provider in the Kenyan market.We want want our clients to own homes in a stress free manner and as the same

time ensure that they get value for their money,from the buiding plan to the actual execution on the ground and eventually to the finishing of the project.

We are driven by the market need to provide luxurious and functional housing infrastructure that works for you ,at a great pricing.We have put together innovative ,high quality and modern housing solutions for all market segments .we not only give our clients houses,but give them a modern home that is luxurious to their tastes ,and fully fuctional to their needs.

We are transparent and we got no hidden charges.You will not pay more than the actual price of the house.We put together a quality product that speaks to your financial and housing needs.We also offer a flexible and pocket -friendly payment plan.

No doubt that we at SAIF Properties are creating a new market shift and redefining the way real estate developments are undertaken and managed in kenya .This is bound to restore vibracy in the market and redefine kenyas real estate sector.

Be part of this great Underatking!

Contact us on 0728000002 or email us : info@saifpropertiesorsales@saifproperties and will get you the home of your dreams.

By:Janet Wambui