5 awesome Things to do in Westlands

For most people, their first impression of Nairobi is that it is way too hectic, huge, and intimidating. There is this chap I know who spent quite some time living in Livingstone in Zambia, then moved to Arusha in Tanzania, which is a relatively quiet town. So when he arrived in Nairobi, he was like the sheep in the big city.

Every other year, tourists fly in to experience the marvellous scenery and weather along the coast—my friend included—but Kenya’s capital is an exciting, exotic city that offers more than traffic, luxury apartments, and tall skyscrapers.

Art, culture, a fantastic social initiative, and a great nightlife, to mention but a few, are some of the things that make Nairobi the holy grail of cities.


Shopping at the Village Market.

Right at the heart of Nairobi is a suburb called Westlands. Westlands is the crème de la crème of suburbs and has no shortage of malls, but perhaps the best is The Village Market, just 10 minutes away from Kenzi Residence.

You can get anything there! Designer products, souvenirs, you name it. There are restaurants, a bowling alley, and my favourite, the Ozone trampoline park.


Go to the Alchemist

There is nothing more Kenyan than beer and Nyama Choma (Roasted Meat). The average Kenyan loves 3 things: beer, Nyama Choma, and their mother. If you are looking for more of a bar feel than a club feel, Westlands has something for you. The Alchemist is probably the most popular bar. It prides itself on providing an elegant feast for the senses.

Forty-four, K1 are just a few of the places you can go after a long day in the sun.

Visit the National Museum.

Call me old-fashioned, but you should make it a point to visit Nairobi’s National Museum. You can learn about Kenya’s rich heritage, including culture, nature, history, and art.

As well as the museum, you will find the Nairobi Snake Park, art galleries, shops, botanical gardens, and a nature trail.

Buy exotic souvenirs at Wasp & Sprout

Not really in Westlands but close enough, the Wasp & Sprout is an amazing fair-trade initiative selling all kinds of magnificent things, like art and crafts, homeware, African fabric cushions, furniture, and my all-time favourite, their amazing sandwiches and salads!


If you’re a fan of breakfast or brunch, then look no further.


Picnic at the Nairobi Arboretum.

As of July 2021, the Nairobi arboretum was the most visited site in Nairobi. I say this because, as a native, I always assumed that Uhuru Park had the top spot because of its free nature.


Something more interesting about the Nairobi arboretum is that its KES65 (USD 0.65) entrance fee applies to both national residents and foreigners. Anyway, an afternoon picnic here is pure bliss.


The park also exists largely for the preservation and study of trees, so if you’re into dendrology, this is the best place.


There is just so much you can do in Westlands and Nairobi. It’s no wonder it’s called the City in the Sun. Leave a comment below if you have any great ideas or activities that should be on the list.

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