Partnerships with Real Estate Agents | Saif Uganda Properties

Are you looking for an income generating opportunity that can change your life instantly? How does, Ksh. 1 million for every client you bring to our projects sound like?

At Saif Real Estate we are offering both experienced and newbie property agents a chance to earn a decent income. It doesn’t matter if you are still new to the industry or a trained agent. We shall offer you the professional training you need to succeed.

Over the years, agents have not really got the full respect they deserve. This should never be the case at all! Picture a fully-fledged agent who brings a very highly potential client on board and they simply get peanuts, well that is about to change. At Saif Real Estate, we take care of our team.

We shall:

  • Pay you on close,
  • Train you on our products
  • Give you support when you need it including team meetings

Fill out the application form to get started. We shall get back to you within the day to show you how you can make Ksh. 1 million for every deal you deliver to us.