Childproof Your Home With These Safety Tips

The number one priority for childproofing your home should be keeping your children safe. Every year, thousands of children are injured or killed by household products, when they are left alone by parents or caregivers.  It is important to protect children by keeping their surroundings safe and secure.


Why you should childproof your home

The most important reason why you should childproof your home is to safeguard your children.

Childproofing is the process of moving dangerous products up high where a child cannot reach, putting latches on cabinets, toilets, and trash bins, and doing anything else that would reduce harm to your child.

Here are some safety tips for keeping children safe around the house.


1. Keep dangerous items out of reach

So many things in your home could pose danger to a baby, toddler, or young child. Everything from matches, balloons, cleaning supplies, and many household products are potentially poisonous to kids if swallowed.

Do not store potentially harmful substances in a container where they might be mistaken for food. Know what items in your home are dangerous, and get rid of them or keep them out of reach of small hands.


2. Install doorknob covers

One of the first steps in childproofing your home involves making sure that your kids can’t get out of the house and can’t get into rooms that aren’t childproofed.

Doorknob covers make it hard for little hands to get a grip, turn, and open doors. They are another way to keep kids from wandering out of the house while you’re not looking. They should be placed on all of the doors leading out of your home and on bathroom doors.


3. Cover electrical outlets

Small children are inquisitive and love to stick their fingers into electrical outlets. Proper grounding, electrical safety devices, and avoiding hazardous situations can help prevent electrical shock in children.

Protect your kids with outlet covers and power-strip covers. Cover unused electrical sockets with plastic covers and repair or discard any damaged electric cords.

Avoid stringing extension cords and power strips around the room.


4. Remove all possible tripping hazards

Kids are prone to falls, even from windows and balconies, so it’s essential to keep those areas safe. Keep your balcony doors locked and, install childproof locks on your exterior doors and windows.

Install handrails on your stairs, and teach older children to use them.


5.  Ensure the Property is Childproofed

 When buying or renting a property, ensure the property is childproof to a large extent. Because if you have young kids, safety should be a high priority.
At SAIF Properties, we are driven by the market need to provide luxurious and functional housing that is safe for small children, at great pricing. Some features we have put in place to ensure our properties are childproof includes:


  • Setting up long balconies
  • Installing non-skid tiles
  • Cabinets are installed at reasonable heights
  • Bathroom tubs are installed with locks
  • Pools are childproof
  • Windows and doors are secured to restrict entry and exit
  • All electrical ducts are covered
  • And several other measures have been taken to keep children safe


6. Never leave children alone near water


Drowning can occur in less than an inch of water. This makes bathtubs, sinks, pools, and even pails a source of great danger. Never leave a child unattended near water, even for just a few seconds. If you get a phone call or there is a knock at the door while your young child is in the bathtub, pick him/her up, and take with you. It takes only a few seconds for drowning to occur.


Scalding burn from hot water is also a potential concern. Hot water should be covered or kept away when they are not in use. While you may not be able to protect your kids from all dangers in the world, it’s your duty as a parent to keep your home as safe as possible. By childproofing your home, you can reduce the risk of household injury to your kids.

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