Impact of Technology on Real Estate: The How and Why

If you are interested in buying a house now or in the future, then you should be aware of all the factors that are currently at play. One of the foremost factors is technology. Technology impacts all aspects of our lives and real estate is not left out. Understanding the role technology has to play […]

Living the Dream Life – A Case for Luxury Housing

Luxury is attention to details, originality, exclusivity and above all, quality Angelo Bonanti   A residence should be more than just a building or a place to live. Luxury housing offers more; a bouquet of world-class features that can enable you to live the life of your dreams. We will be discussing these features in […]

How to Truly Appreciate Real Estate


Times change, but financial truths last forever About six years ago, I wrote (“ Repeat After Me: Your House Is Not An Asset“) on an article from The New York Times on real estate entitled, “Real Estate’s Gold Rush Seems Gone For Good.” Some interesting statistics and predictions from the article included: It could take up to 20 […]