Tips for Relocating to a New Neighbourhood

Moving to a new neighborhood can be exciting because it’s often due to positive reasons like an improved standard of living. But on the flip side, the whole process can be challenging. And if you are moving with children, things can get even more tasking. Hence, you need a smart relocation plan.

Here are some tips to make your relocation a smooth one.


  1. Transfer Your Utilities

Arrange to have utilities running in your new home a few days before you move in. You will want to have electricity, gas, and water running. This way, you will have light and water when cleaning your new aboard. It is nice to have your new home clean and ready for moving in when the big day comes. So be sure to make the necessary arrangements in time.

  1. Be Smart About Packing

Start packing early. You can transport smaller properties to your new address in your car. But first, use plenty of padding materials when packing fragile items such as glassware, lamps, electronics and jewelry, and so on. Label the packaging accordingly. Then proceed to Pack a first-night box for you and members of your family so you have essentials close by when you arrive in your new home.

On the big day, if you’ve hired professional help, proceed to take large furniture and other bigger items out of your old home. you will be able to move items in the rented moving truck at once or at most, two trips. Also, the fewer items you decide to relocate with, the easier your relocation will be and the less cluttered your new home will look.

  1. Secure Your Home

Once you’re moved in, find out what other residents do to protect their properties. Your neighbors may be able to offer recommendations. Even if your new neighbourhood doesn’t seem like a dangerous place, it is still better to be safe than sorry. Common measures to protect homes include security systems, wireless cameras, electric fences, alarms, security dogs, and security guards. There may also be a neighborhood watch for the area, and security patrol vehicles.

Note: Lavington is renowned for developing apartments that prioritize state-of-the-art security measures.


  1. Be Smart About Unpacking

A priority task after moving to a new neighborhood is to start unpacking your stuff. But You don’t need to rush into unpacking everything at once. Instead, think of an unpacking strategy that will work best for you. Unpacking is an essential task but the good news is that you can take your time while at it.  As long as you’ve unpacked the 3 most important rooms – bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, you can choose to slow down the unpacking pace to reduce stress a bit.

  1. Meet Your New Neighbours

Moving to a new neighborhood means that you’ll have new neighbors as well. New neighbors can range from good to outright bad. But you will need to meet then at least to encounter the good ones. This is because your neighbors can help you with useful information. You could also become good friends with some of them.  So, don’t hesitate to get to know your new neighbors, you’ll be living next to them for a long time. Try to be approachable and friendly.

  1. Get Familiar with Your Neighbourhood

Your new neighbourhood may feel unfamiliar at first, but with time, you will feel more at home. Speed up the process of acclimatization by exploring your neighbourhood. It’s no secret that the better you know your surroundings, the more comfortable you will start to feel. So, whenever you feel like you need a break from unpacking, go for an exploratory trip around your new neighborhood.

  1. Balance Your Budget

Everyone wants a lifestyle upgrade, but not by breaking the bank. If you’re purchasing a larger home or finally moving into that luxury condo of your dreams, make sure you have a budget to live in that area. In today’s economy, you want to make certain you’ll be able to make ends meet once you’ve moved. You don’t want to find yourself penniless a few months after moving with no respite in sight.


No matter your age, a move to a new neighborhood officially makes you the new kid on the block. But on the bright side, a move to a cool new neighborhood is an opportunity to explore the world with a fresh set of eyes. This gives you the unique opportunity to build a better life. So, go make the best of it.  Happy moving!

Bonus Tip – In Nairobi, some of the best places to seek houses or apartments of international standard are: Lavington, Kilimani, and Westlands. These neighbourhoods have developed in ways that speaks class and security.

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  1. Having a smart system in place for packing and unpacking can make all the difference. This might be something we would really need to pay attention to moving forward since we have a lot of stuff that we plan to bring with us to the new place, and we need everything to stay where we know they are to avoid complicating things. Before I go looking for any moving companies that can help us, I’ll ask my family to help me out with packing everything with that in mind.

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